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Frequently Asked Questions

We expect you to have questions and encourage you to ask them. Here are some questions that others have asked.

Why do lawyers utilize MCS?
Lawyers who utilize MCS’ services are seeking to fully develop their client’s cases into the strongest possible position as to liability and damages to achieve a maximum result for the client. I bring to the table an extensive background in both law and medicine combined with an intimate involvement with PI cases (I suffered a head injury myself in ’93 which drove my interest and passion in the care and legal aspects of the experience) which law professionals find invaluable in researching, assembling and presenting a strong argument in complex cases.
Does MCS understand medical terminology and abbreviations?
A traditional paralegal focuses solely on "diagnosis" and "prognosis" - thereby missing important interactions between injuries and pre-existing conditions or missing other damages not previously considered. They're missing the ramifications and providing only a single aspect of a multi-faceted case that could render your client's case vulnerable.

An MCS Medical Paralegal can not only complete these activities much more efficiently than non-medically trained persons, they can look for the links, the trends, the ambiguities and the nuances of the case that can make all the difference.

An MCS Medical Paralegal has “both sides of the brain” with expansive knowledge of medical terminology, a complete understanding of medical records to a granular level as well as an understanding of legal implications and development of all liability issues.
Why Utilize MCS over a typical Paralegal?
We add content and strategies to develop liability and damages to their maximum potential.

We fully prepare you with expanded medical and legal facts of the case with illustrations and a detailed explanation of injuries; identification of medical damages not previously considered; identification of and impact of pre-existing injuries on current injuries; effect of injuries on lifestyle and quality of life; future medical procedures and limitations; development of theories of liability as well as alert you to potential medical and liability “red flags.”

We save you and your staff valuable time from reading voluminous medical records
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